The only way to keep your fridge working flawlessly is to get it serviced by a technician near you. This you have to do periodically. But the question is what causes fridge damage? Well, the answer is long since there are various contributing factors to refrigerator malfunctioning. Here, we will discuss them one by one to provide you with an idea.

Considering you are in any of the Sydney suburbs such as Bondi, Double Bay, Ultimo or Seven Hills, you will find plenty of technicians who can service your fridge. But since we have mentioned a few points by which you can keep your appliance running smoothly, this discussion will surely be a worthy one.

Voltage Surge

A surge in voltage can harm several components in your refrigerator at once. Unfortunately, in this situation, you cannot do much to protect the appliance. You can install surge protectors which will provide a bit of protection. Other than this, the circuit will trip if the voltage is too high to prevent your appliances from taking damage.

You will need to call the technicians carrying out fridge repairs in Bondi and other Sydney suburbs to fix the components that are damaged due to the electrical surge.

Bad Handling

If your fridge has been handled badly by movers, for instance, the appliance can get damaged and fail to run. Moreover, improper handling can lead to underperformance. So, if you are relocating your fridge, for instance, make sure you ask your movers to handle the relocation carefully.

Leaving the Fridge Dirty

Accumulation of dirt and dust in your fridge is another leading cause of appliance damage and underperformance. For this reason, professionals carrying out fridge repairs in Double Bay and other Sydney suburbs recommend that you keep your fridge clean.

If you cannot do it by yourself, you can hire technicians to do it for you. This will really help extend the life of the appliance.

Insect and Rodent Infestation

Insects can get into your fridge and damage the evaporator fans. They can also clog the evaporator coils which can lead to improper cooling. The condition is even worse with the rodents. They can cut the wires in between components leading to damage.

The only way to protect your fridge from this type of damage is to get exterminators to remove those insects. Or, you will need to call technicians carrying out fridge repairs in Ultimo and other Sydney suburbs to fix the components.

Lack of Service

Even if your fridge is running optimally, you will need to get it serviced now and then by the technicians since lack of service is one of the major contributing causes of appliance damage. So, it is recommended that you get the refrigerator serviced once a while, or better, at least twice a year.


The last known cause that leads to damage to a refrigerator is none other than DIY. Professionals recommend against it. So, if you want to keep your appliance performing optimally, avoid DIY but in case of issues in your appliance, call technicians carrying out fridge repairs in Seven Hills and other Sydney suburbs. They will do the needful.

So, you can now mitigate the problems in your fridge and keep the appliance running seamlessly round the clock.

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