The most common problem that you can find when the gasket of your fridge has become old is that there is a gap visible between the door and the gasket even when the door is shut. This means that it’s time to replace the gasket. For that, you will need to call the technicians since a DIY might not give you the best results or even worsen the situation. But apart from this, there can be other door problems too which we will discuss today. So, if you are in the suburbs of Sydney and experiencing issues with your fridge, go through the points to know more.

Door not Closing Due To Extra Weight

Sometimes, too much weight might cause the fridge door to not shut properly. So, the professionals carrying out fridge repairs in Bondi and other Sydney suburbs suggest that you first remove the heavy items in your fridge. This will help reduce the weight and you might see that the door is closing fully again. Also, if it indeed was the extra weight problem, make sure that you don’t put too many items in your fridge.

Improper Tilt

If your fridge is not level, the door might not close. So, as the experts suggest, you will need to tilt the fridge forward. Also, you can use a level first to check the tilt and then adjust it so that the door can close. But if that does not still solve the problem, calling the technicians will be the only choice.

Misaligned Hinges

Continuous usage of your fridge can pull the fridge’s hinges down which might lead to the fridge door not shutting down properly. So, to solve this problem, the professionals providing fridge repairs in Ryde and other Sydney suburbs recommend that you use a screwdriver to tighten and adjust the hinges.

Loose Door Seal

When and if the seal, also called the gasket in your fridge becomes loose, you will notice the gap that we mentioned earlier, between the doors. And if that is the case, you should get it replaced by a professional because loose door seals cannot be fixed. Moreover, it does not take much time to get the seal replaced and it is quite affordable.

Dirty Gaskets

Sometimes, the accumulation of dirt and dust on the gasket can lead to the same problem, the fridge door not closing properly.

In these circumstances, you can clean the gasket with liquid dishwashing soap as suggested by the professionals providing fridge repairs in Ashfield and other Sydney suburbs. Then, you can again close the fridge door properly.

Fridge Door Broken

Though this hardly happens, still, if the door breaks due to an impact, you will need to get the technicians to repair it for you. However, if the damage is too severe, you might have to replace your entire refrigerator.

Plastic Stuck in the Gasket

If you have been facing temperature issues in your fridge lately, see whether a plastic or a similar item is getting stuck whenever you try to close the door.

Professionals providing fridge repairs in Penrith and other Sydney suburbs suggest that most people do not notice if anything gets stuck on the door seal. So, when closing the fridge, see if that’s the issue. And if it is, take necessary measures so that nothing gets stuck.

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