One of the most common problems in a refrigerator is failed or damaged evaporator coils. As and when the evaporator coils get damaged, it leads to a number of issues. Too much cool (almost freezing) refrigerator interiors, leading to the blackening of vegetables as the first signs of frostbite is one of them. The other issues may be unusual sounds from the refrigerator, inadequate and uneven cooling, with some areas getting too cold and some others remaining warm. While these are the telltale signs of damaged evaporator coil of your refrigerator, you must take evasive actions, to stem the rot. Hiring high calibre fridge repair professionals in Bankstown or elsewhere, depending upon your location.

The professional will take the following steps to fix the issue.

Step#1: First, the techie will remove the panel that covers the evaporator coils. This panel is generally located in the freezer compartment. Professionals have screwdrivers of adequate measurements to remove the panel seamlessly.

Stel#2: Now they will remove the hold-down clamps on the evaporator coil with an adequate screwdriver or nut driver. While doing so, the techie offering fridge repairs in Ryde will hold down the clamps to prevent the coil from vibrating if the refrigerator is running.

Step#3:  Now the professional will look for the leaks on the evaporator coil. The pro will hunt for oily spots and rubbed heavily oxidised areas. Extra focus is also paid on the bends and kinks in the coil tubing.

Step#4: After a comprehensive checking, they would clean the leak area with the help of sandpaper, and remove whatever loose material and debris, in particular, the refrigerant oil. However, while doing so, they ensure that they do not push the debris into the holes and cracks. They will wipe all the dust and dirt from the leak areas using sandpaper and then use a clean rag.

Step#5: Now the technician will connect a vacuum pump to the refrigerant service valve, which is located near the compressor.  Our fridge repair experts in Strathfield generally use those hand-held automotive vacuum pumps to do this.

Step#6: Now the expert will pull a vacuum with the help of a vacuum pump. The individual will try to create a vacuum of a minimum of 10 inches of mercury. If there are large leaks, this will not happen. The vacuum will pull a patch on the leak, thus creating a much better bond.

Step#7: Now the techie will press epoxy putty over the leaking area, and wrap it around the pipe. Once it is done, the vacuum gauge is checked once again and then the pump is disconnected by the expert.

Once done, the technician will advise you to leave the fridge idle for 24 hours and check the coils and see if the issue is solved. If not, then the coils need to be replaced.

Therefore you see, checking and rectifying damaged evaporator coils is a pretty intricate task and you need to hire only the best techies who offer fridge repairs in Ashfield or elsewhere.

So if you face any issue with the evaporator coils of your fridge, call Ace Fridge Repairs Sydney at 0404 705 914 for a service call.

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