Most of the defrost problems in all fridges start with an increase or decrease in the temperature inside that occurs automatically. To fix these issues, the technicians in Sydney and its nearby suburbs inspect the defrost system that comes equipped in the appliance.

Today, we will discuss the ways how the technicians diagnose the system for problems before they start repairing it.

Thick Ice Covering on the Evaporator Cover 

Technicians carrying out fridge repairs in Sydney and its nearby suburbs will look for ice covering on the evaporator cover that is located on the back of the freezer.

This clearly indicates a defrost problem. Additionally, when this happens, the evaporator coils also get covered by ice. Then, the professionals fix this by replacing the coils.

Diagnosing the Type of Defrost System Your Fridge Has

The Fridge Repair technicians will determine the type of defrost system before they can look for more underlying problems.

There are two types of defrost systems, mechanical and adaptive.

The former is programmed to run anywhere from 6 to 10 hours and for 30 minutes in each cycle. But if the professionals detect that they are exceeding the limit, the defrost system is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced.

The adaptive system runs solely on electricity and starts the defrost system whenever there is too much ice build-up. But if the technicians find that the system is not adhering to the schedule, there is a problem.

Checking the Defrost System with Equipment

Technicians carrying out fridge repairs in Blacktown, and other Sydney suburbs use the ohmmeter to check the defrost heater in fridges.

If they find that the heater is grounded they will be replacing it. Else, they will replace the defrost thermostat.

Checking the Thermostat

The thermostat plays a very important role in the fridge defrost system. So, professionals check the surface temperature of the same.

If they find that the temperature is below 40 degrees, they will replace it and they will do the same if it is shorted.

Inspecting the Evaporating Thermistor

Sometimes, the evaporator thermistor in a fridge can cause defrost issues. So, testing them remains one of the most important tasks of the professionals providing fridge repairs in Liverpool, and other Sydney suburbs.

Here also, the technicians use the ohmmeter to measure the electrical resistance. And if they find incorrect values, they will replace the thermistor in your fridge to restore the optimal functionality of the defrost system.

Inspecting the Fridge Assembly

Apart from the components that we have mentioned, the repairers will inspect the assembly, especially the defrost control board to see if it is functioning optimally. Besides, they will also check the timer and the heater assembly to detect a workflow error that might be causing the issues.

After detecting the error, they fix that accordingly.

Inspecting the Main Control Board

This board controls the supply of power to all the components in your fridge. So, during the inspection, if the technicians find any issues here, they will need to replace it to restore the normal defrost operation.

These are some of the ways how technicians diagnose defrost problems and they do it by taking necessary safety precautions to avoid electrical hazards.

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