The fan in the freezer compartment of your fridge directly influences the operational efficiency of your appliance. The cold air in the entire refrigerator originates in the freezer, and then it circulates downward, being assisted by the freezer compartment fan. Now, when this freezer compartment fan fails,  the temperature in the freezer compartment starts rising. And this can happen to refrigerators of every make and model. So even if you have a Fisher & Paykel Fridge, you can face the issue and in that case, you need to hire a professional for Fisher & Paykel Fridge repairs. With some troubleshooting, the professional will be able to fix it.

Physical obstruction can be a reason

At times, physical obstruction is a reason behind the malfunctioning of a refrigerator fan. At times, the fan cannot function freely due to the heavy accumulation of ice on the blades. In case the fan has metallic blades, they can very well get bent causing the blade to jam against the wall, causing a stoppage to the rotation. In case of ice buildup, the professionals would simply let the ice melt, and solve the issue. In case of a damaged or bent blade, they replace the fan blades. Straightening them back to their original shape does not work as it sets the blades out of balance. At times, the accumulation of dirt and dust in the ball bearings of the fan blades may cause the fan to stop. In such cases, professionals conducting fridge repairs in Sydney would penetrate oil into the bear cases to solve the issue.

Replacement of a Defective Motor of the Freezer Fan

These fans draw a negligible amount of electricity and have a relatively long life cycle. However, they have the propensity of burning themselves out, in case the fan blades become jammed and are not able to rotate. In case the techies find that the fan blades are rotating freely, but the fan itself is not, they will disconnect the fan wires, and evaluate the continuity of the motor windings by using an analog or digital multimeter. In case there is no continuity, or the reading is low, the professionals carrying out fridge repairs in Double Bay or elsewhere opt for the replacement of the fan assembly.  Replacement for professionals is a simple task – they just unscrew the three screws and get an exact replacement and fix the new fan in place.

Checking for the voltage

If there is no apparent electrical or physical issue with the fan, the professionals would check to see if there is any voltage issue at the terminal of the fan. Again, they will use an analog and digital multimeter to check the voltage functionality. If three is zero reading, then it’s an electrical issue and the professional conducting fridge repairs in Bondi will suggest summoning an electrician to solve the issue.

Poor Thermostatic Control

Wait! No voltage to the fan does not always mean it’s an electrical issue. It can also be caused by a broken sect of wire between the thermostatic control and the fan motor. It’s a rare phenomenon, but it happens at times. To check if there is any broken wire, the techies will remove the thermostatic control and check its continuity between both ends of the wire. If the reading is all right, then the control has to be replaced.

Thus you see, it asks for a techie to check things, in case of a malfunctioning freezer fan of your refrigerator. Summon Ace Fridge Repairs Sydney, if you are in and around the NSW capital, as we are the best in the business in this region.

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