A fridge comprises some components that actually generate cool air and let it flow throughout the internal compartments. But a malfunction of any of these components can trigger certain issues which have to be fixed by a technician near you in the Sydney suburb where you are situated.

Today, we will be taking a look at these components and the issues that you might experience with each of them when they work inaccurately.

Fridge Compressor  

This component is also called the engine of the fridge since it commences the fridge cooling process. It pumps the refrigerant which actually helps in cooling the internal compartment. But if this component starts malfunctioning, you will notice a humming sound and other issues related to fridge cooling. It is at this time when you have to call the technicians performing fridge repairs in Double Bay and other Sydney suburbs to fix the issues.

Condenser Coils

The vapour refrigerant that the compressor generates turns into a liquid form in the condenser coils. This is the cool air that generally circulates throughout the internal components to keep your items cool. But if you face issues like the fridge not cooling well or overheating at the back, it is a sign that the coils need to be either cleaned or replaced. Both of these can be done by an experienced professional.

Evaporator Coils

The evaporator coils capture the heat in the surrounding air and help in a smooth flow of the cool air inside the compartment. However, any problem in this component can trigger defrost issues or overcooling. So, to fix any of these, you will need to book an appointment with technicians carrying out fridge repairs in Auburn and other Sydney suburbs.

Expansion Component

This is another component that is considered an important part of a fridge. It actually reduces the pressure of the refrigerant which helps ensure a smooth flow of air in your fridge. But if this component fails to work properly, you will experience issues such as fluctuation of temperature, foul odour, etc. However, this can be easily repaired by an expert fridge repair technician.


Though this is not a component, especially a fridge component, this plays an important role in keeping the fridge door shut properly so that cool air cannot escape. For this reason, more than a component, it is mostly considered a major ‘part’ of the fridge.

If the gasket wears out or becomes dirty, your fridge will not close properly. And when you experience this issue, you will need to call a professional carrying out fridge repairs in Penrith and other Sydney suburbs to clean or replace the same.

Temperature Control Panel 

With the help of this component, you can increase or decrease the temperature inside your fridge. But if the control panel breaks down, regulating the coolness of the fridge will not be possible anymore. A complete replacement of the component will restore the functionality, however.

These are the main components of a refrigerator. If you notice an issue, you can assume that any of these components are malfunctioning and you will need to call the technicians to resolve them.

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