Refrigerators by Artisan are highly sought-after due to their consistency in performance and durability. These two features make the fridges of this brand one of the top names in commercial fridges and freezers. However, these appliances, like others, can cause various issues which need to be fixed by technicians who have relevant experience in repairing refrigerators of this brand. Moreover, these appliances, at times, can also come with defects for which they need to be replaced altogether. So, if you are in Sydney CBD or its suburbs and gathering information about fridges by Artisan, this post can be a good source for your research.

Fluctuations in Temperature

You will need to opt for technicians carrying out Artisan Fridge Repairs if you notice temperature fluctuations. Typically, these occur in ageing refrigerators of this brand. So, to fix it, you will need to call in the best technicians.

Since the root cause for temperature fluctuations in fridges of this brand and even in others is the compressor, technicians examine this component and repair it if they find faults with it. However, they also check the thermostat and insulation for problems since this component can also cause temperature problems.

Refrigerator Underperformance

The next typical problem in an Artisan refrigerator that needs to be resolved by technicians performing fridge repairs in Sydney CBD and the other suburbs is poor cooling performance. This issue is generally caused by clogged air vents, a faulty condenser coil or a malfunctioning condenser. So, the technicians examine them and if they find obstruction in the vents, they clean them to restore optimal cooling. However, if they find the condenser to be problematic, they will repair it or replace it to reinstate the refrigerator’s performance.

Leaking Water

Like other refrigerators, water leakage in an Artisan fridge is also quite common. It is generally caused by a damaged water inlet valve or a blocked defrost drain. However, removing the ice buildup or debris from the valve fixes the issue. But if the fridge technicians in Abbotsford and the other suburbs find that the problem persists, they will replace the entire inlet valve.

Fridge Causing Noise

Though noise in Artisan fridges is not frequent, you can experience the same if the appliance is old. However, noise can be caused due to loose components, faulty compressors or if the motor of the fan is worn-out. But whatever might be the problem, the technicians performing refrigerator repairs at Wetherill Park and the other Sydney suburbs need to diagnose the source of the issue and fix it accurately. 

If the technicians find the internal components to be loose, they tighten them using the necessary equipment. But if they detect a component malfunctioning, they repair or replace the same to get rid of the noise.

Electrical Problems

Some of the typical electrical issues that you can find in Artisan refrigerators include flickering lights and power failures. They occur due to damaged switches, defective control boards, faulty wiring, etc.

Technicians repairing these fridges find out the actual cause with the help of their expertise and the latest equipment and then fix them meticulously.

Finally, these are the five most common problems that technicians find and fix in Artisan fridges. If you are experiencing any of these, do call a professional fridge repair company now.

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