Modern fridges make a soft humming noise that is barely audible, notwithstanding the periodic starting of the condenser motor as per the cooling cycle. However, there are times when your fridge starts making some abnormal sound, prompting you to take evasive action. As per the experts, the first and foremost step for you is to summon experts, who are into fridge repairs in and around Sydney or elsewhere, depending upon your location. The experts will use all their expertise and experience to come up with a credible solution. What is so special about these experts? They follow a 5-step formula to fix this very common issue. What a 6-step formula is? Let us see….

Step 1 – Listening to the Source of the Sound

This is the first step. The experts will pick up the source of the sound. In case the noise originates from the bottom, it’s a likely case of a loosened drain pan. If there is a loud rattling noise from the rear of the fridge, it can very well be the issue of defrost timer, or due to a failing evaporator van. The professionals offering fridge repairs in Ryde would take appropriate measures to arrest the issue.

Step 2 – Securing the Drain Pan

In case the sound is caused by a loosened drain pan at the bottom of the refrigerator, then it’s a trivial issue after all. All the experts have to do is to secure the pan back to its original place with the help of tools to restore quietness and peace.

Step 3 – Listening and Fixing a Malfunctioning Defrost Timer

In case the sound that the fridge emits is a tickling or scraping sound, it can very well be a faulty defrost timer that is causing the sound. The experts offering fridge repairs in St Marys or elsewhere will check for frost buildup in the freezer compartments, and in the refrigerator. This is the telltale sign and symptom of a defrost timer that is failing. The professionals will do whatever it takes to amend the issue.

Step 4 – Cleaning and Inspecting the Condenser Fan

Not every fridge comes with a condenser fan. Some do and Maytag fridges are amongst the ones that have these fans. Thus, in case there is a blocking, cluttering noise emitting from behind a condenser fan, then it may be the case of the condenser fan that is full of dirt and debris. The experts offering Maytag fridge repairs will unplug the fridge, take a hard look at the condenser fan, along with its rubber grommets to see if there is any wear and tear and then clean all the dirt and debris that could be the reason behind the noise.

Step 5 – Checking the Evaporator Fan

Another potent source of unusual sound of a fridge can be a dusty and dirty or worn down evaporator fan. The experts offering fridge repairs in Sydney and suburbs will access the evaporator fan from the rear, check the wires, the grommets and all the other components to look for signs of wear and tear.  If the blades are worn down and have been causing the sound, then the fan has to be replaced.

Thus, if your fridge is making too much noise, you must hire experts. If you are in and around Sydney, Ace Fridge Repairs Sydney is the name to put stakes on. Call us at 0404 705 914 for an appointment.

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