Fridges are supposed to run 24×7. They are built and meant for that. However, that does not mean they do not need repairs. Yes, from time to time, they do malfunction, regardless of the brand they are made up of. Now when things come down to commercial fridges, frequent down times due to technical snags leads to a lot of inconvenience for the stakeholders. That is why, it is imperative that they follow certain maintenance hacks that keep these down times and the necessity of going for extensive commercial fridge repairs to the minimum.

Replacing the Rubber Seal of the Door Periodically

Though often ignored, the gasket or the plastic rubber lining plays an extremely important role in the smooth and effective functioning of your fridge. It seals the fridge, cuts off the external atmosphere from the interiors of the fridge, thus helping it to run smoothly and efficiently.

Thus, when it cracks, stiffens or accumulates dust, dirt, grime and grease, it refuses to let the door of the fridge shut property. This will cause an exchange of the cold air from inside interacting with the outer normal air and it will thwart the operability of the fridge by a significant extent. Thus, you need to clean and if needed, replace the gasket when they stiffen.  This will help the fridge run smoothly thereby cutting off the frequency of commercial fridge repairs in Sydney or elsewhere by significant extent.

Location of the Fridge Is Important

You need to set the fridge up carefully. It has been seen that fridges that have been set up next to windows and in direct contact with the sunlight tend to malfunction more frequently than those set up at other places. Also, do not place it near other sources of heat like the oven, the microwaves. When you do that, the compressor has to work harder, thereby depreciating faster than normal and asking for more frequent fridge repairs in Sydney or elsewhere.

Cleaning the Condenser Coils Frequently

The condenser coils of the refrigerator remove the warmth from the appliance. Naturally, if and when these coils get rusty and dusty, they are unable to release heat and thus, the fridge gets warmer. So they have to work harder to release the heat, resulting in higher energy consumption. This eventually leads to issues, which asks for summoning of the experts who are into Fridge Repairs in your locality.

That is why you need to keep the condenser coils of your fridge clean to minimise the frequency of your fridge servicing stints.

Not Keeping the Door Open Too Frequently

This is one very common bad habit of people that leads to frequent fridge malfunction. When you keep the fridge door open too frequently and for too long, this compels your fridge to work extra hard, to keep things cool and negate the effect of the warm air getting in. It puts extra pressure on your fridge, and it depreciates faster and this leads to frequent downtimes. You need to hire the experts offering fridge repair in Ashfield a bit too often.

Thus you see, maintaining these practices will help you keep your commercial fridge in the best of conditions. Well, your fridge can very well malfunction despite all these once in a blue moon – there is nothing abnormal in it.  And we at Ace Fridge Repairs Sydney are there to solve them. But surely, maintaining all these will reduce the frequency of the malfunctions drastically. And whenever it happens, call us at 0404 705 914 to book a service call.

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