Fridges are meant to run 24×7. They are stubborn enough to remain operational 24×7. But that does not mean they do not suffer any wear and tear. More so the commercial fridges, due to their heavy loads and functional compulsions have to take more pressure than their domestic counterparts. That is the reason, they have to undergo repairs a bit more frequently than the domestic fridges. However, statistically seen, there are certain spare parts of commercial fridges, which face more wear and tear than others. Let us have a look at the spare parts of commercial fridges, which face frequent damage and have to receive intervention by technicians offering commercial fridge repairs in Sydney or elsewhere.

Condenser Coils

Condenser coils in commercial fridges need frequent intervention by professionals. Technically speaking, these coils help in the cooling process of the fridge, as they help the air to flow over the compressor, all the way up to the fan motor of the condenser. Now with time, these coils accumulate a lot of dirt and dust, and when that happens, the cooling process comes to a halt. Therefore, condenser coils are surely one of those spare parts of commercial fridges, which need frequent cleaning, repair or overhaul by technicians offering commercial Fridge Repairs in and around Sydney.

Condenser Fan Motor

The chief function of the condenser fan motor is to draw air through the condenser coils and over the compressor, following which the air circulated all throughout the entire machine. This process helps in the regulation of the temperature. Now at times, the condenser fan motor malfunctions and this is apparent when the commercial fridge emits loud abnormal sounds. There may be several reasons behind this. It may be because of debris trapped in the fan blades or the bears needing some fixing or replacement due to wear and tear. Now for that you need to hire techies offering fridge repairs in Blacktown or elsewhere.


The responsibility of a thermistor is to send the reading of the current temperature of a fridge with the use of metals that are different from those used in a thermostat. These thermistors are designed and developed to read the changes in conductivity, which reflect even a minute change in temperature. It is at times referred to as a rougher version of thermistor.

Regardless of whether your commercial fridge contains a thermostat or a thermistor, both of them are critical parts that will monitor the temperature level, thus directing the appliance to start or stop cooling. Now, the thermistor is another spare part that needs frequent repair and replacement by experts offering fridge repairs in Parramatta or other places near Sydney.

The Motor of the Evaporator Fan

The evaporator fan motor plays a critical role in the cooling mechanism of the fridge. Similar to the condenser fan motor, a malfunctioning evaporator fan motor will cause the fridge to turn noisier and louder it will cause the fridge to lose its capability to cool adequately as and when needed. Thus, this is another critical spare part that has to be frequently taken care of and repaired or replaced by technicians offering fridge repairs in Liverpool or other places.

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