Refrigerators are made up of a range of components – big and small, each assigned to perform certain unique tasks to ensure a smooth functioning of the appliance. Now one of these components is knocked down by technical slag that affects the performance of the refrigerator in certain ways. The nature of the issue that you face with your refrigerator will depend upon the component that runs out of order.

On this page, let us discuss the issues you will face with your commercial refrigerator, when its compressor is down with a fault.

 The Fan Stops

The compressor of your fridge comes with a fan. It is an indispensable part of the compressor as it helps keep the component cool. Any electrical machine that operates on a processor is bound to generate heat. Thus, it is the fan that keeps the temperature of the compressor under check, even if it runs continuously. Now when the fan stops, the temperature of the condenser starts mounting, and this will increase the internal temperature of the refrigerator. Also, the compressor will start making abnormal noises. When that happens, you need to summon our technicians, who are competent to carry out commercial fridge repairs in Sydney or elsewhere, depending upon your location.

The Compressor Keeps on Clicking Off & On

This is another telltale sign that something is wrong with the compressor. You will find that it will either not run at all, or will keep on clicking on and off rapidly. This happens, when there is a relay problem, or when there is any type of electrical overload. This is a pretty serious issue. If not addressed and amended in time, it may burst, causing major mishap. You need to immediately give us a call, to have the problem fixed the earliest by our techies who carry out Fridge Repairs in Sydney or elsewhere.

The Fridge Is Not Cooling Enough

This is one of the customary signatures of a faulty compressor in a commercial fridge. You may either find that the entire fridge to be less cool than what it should be, or you will find certain sects and corners to be warmer than the other areas. This says, either the compressor is not working to its potential due to a fault, or there is an inadequate power supply to the compressor for some reason or the other. Again, you must not delay summoning experts who are into repairing commercial fridge in Sydney or anywhere else. They will diagnose the precise problem and resolve it in no time.

The Compressor Makes Abnormal Noise

The compressors of modern fridges are supposed to run silently. Thus, when your fridge runs, it is not likely to make any other noise, save for that humming noise. If it generates any other largely audible sound that is obviously a red flag. It might be caused by a faulty compressor and it must be taken into account and rectified. Now this can happen to any fridge. For instance, if you have a Fisher & Paykel Fridge, you can very well face this issue. In that case, you need to summon techies who have been offering Fisher & Paykel fridge repairs in Sydney along with other models.

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