Too much of everything is bad. That’s an old saying, and that applies everywhere – even in the case of your refrigerator. Your fridge is supposed to keep ‘stuff’ cool. However, when your fridge works ‘too much’, that’s an anomaly – not something you should be elated with. That’s why, you should hire a technician who is best in fridge repairs in Wetherill Park or elsewhere near Sydney or wherever you are. Now technically speaking, there can be a number of reasons behind this phenomenon. Some of those reasons can be superficial, while others can be fairly complicated. Nevertheless, you need to hire a fridge repair technician offering Fridge Repairs in Wetherill Park or elsewhere, who is good enough to diagnose the right reason behind, and come up with the best solution.

The Thermostat Is Set Too High

On a number of occasions we have visited our clients’ home to correct an over-freezing fridge only to find that the thermostat has been set too high”. A number of our techies who visit clients’ homes to offer Maytag Fridge repairs in Sydney and suburbs would state – and very rightly so. This is a very common reason for refrigerators over freezing. You don’t need a techie to rectify this though. This happens when you set the thermostat higher than needed, simply because the mark has been erased. So remarking it with a marker when the default marking gets erased is one way of evading this.

The Gasket Gets Faulty

The gasket is the rubberised lining on the refrigerator door that acts as its seal, protecting the interiors from getting exposed to the outside temperature. Now when this gasket gets damaged, or starts leaking, it results in the exchange of the interior and exterior atmosphere. This increases the interior temperature, and when that happens, the fridge has to work harder to keep things cool. In the process, it lowers down its temperature, and this results in freezing of the stuff inside. And if that happens, the experts offering fridge repairs in Strathfield have to replace the gasket to make amends.

Dirty Heat Exchanger and Condenser Coils

The dirty heat exchanger and condenser coils are at times the main reasons behind an over-freezing refrigerator and when that happens, we have our task cut out!” That’s what our experts offering fridge repairs in Bondi would say, and how right they are! The heat exchanger as well as the condenser coils are extremely vital components, as they allow the refrigerant fluid to perform the task of heat exchange. Now, when these coils accumulate dust and dirt, that will force the refrigerator to work harder, to sustain maximum temperature. This will result in over-freezing of the fridge.

Though these coils are pretty simple to clean, it is better to follow the manufacturer’s manual. However, the best step is to opt for a specialist who carries out fridge repairs in Penrith or elsewhere near Sydney when it comes to cleaning these coils.

This issue also crops up when there is a faulty thermostat and damper issue.

And when it comes to solving these issues, we at Ace Fridge Repairs Sydney are the best in the business. So call us to book an appointment.

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