Your refrigerator is one of the most important appliances of your kitchen. Thus, its efficiency matters. However, its efficiency at times comes down as a curse on it. You would want your fridge for everything to serve your purpose – even if it means the fridge has to go beyond its capacity. It is not your fault, but your instinct that will prompt you to do so. Fridges are pretty sturdy appliances and they work really hard to serve the purpose they are meant for.

However, trouble starts as and when you expect your fridge to go beyond its capacity. Take for instance, keeping too much hot food in the refrigerator with the expectation that it will cool down. Well, the food does cool down, but your fridge has to pay a heavy price for it. You have to summon a quality professional, who carries out fridge repairs in  Sydney CBD. But why? Let us discuss.

There has been a debate since time eternal about whether super hot food should be kept in fridges. The stance of the manufacturers has been that a bowl full of food or the leftovers need to be refrigerated or frozen within 2 hours to prevent spoilage. However, that does not mean you need to put the food into the fridge immediately after being cooked. The 2 hour-period is counted from the time the food attains normal temperature.

What is the Impact of Putting Hot Food Into the Refrigerator?

People think that when a super hot fridge is put directly into the refrigerator, it will damage the appliance. This is wrong. With cutting edge technology being used to manufacture modern fridges, hot food will not damage the refrigerator physically. However, it will affect the energy efficiency of the appliance. In its efforts to cool down the food, the energy efficiency of the fridge goes down. When it keeps on happening regularly, it results in issues and it has to be taken care of by experts offering fridge repairs in Bondi.

Why Does the Fridge Lose Its Energy Efficiency?  

The energy efficiency of any refrigerator is affected by the spike in the temperature that takes place when hot food is kept inside. As the fridge gets warmer, it needs to function harder to draw down the temperature of the foot to the set temperature. This subjects the  compressor of your fridge under too much stress. If it happens regularly, the compressor fails. The same thing happens as and when you overstuff the fridge or keep the door of your fridge open. In all these cases you need to summon professionals who are into fridge repairs in Cecil Hills.

What Happens in Older Models?

Even though it is physically safe to put super hot foods in modern refrigerators, it’s not the case if you have an older model. The efficiency of a refrigerator depends on its model. Hence, iit is strict no no when it comes to putting hot food in the fridge if you have an older model for physical damage. Should exercise caution when putting hot food in older refrigerators.

Therefore, older or new you need to cool down your food before putting it in the fridge.

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